10 Things You Need to Know About Window Replacement

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Whether you’re interested in installing new energy-efficient windows or need to replace storm windows, there are ten things every homeowner should consider regarding window replacement.


Avoid DIY Disaster – It’s always a good idea to hire a professional for any home improvement project, window replacement included.


Determine the Right Windows for Your Needs – Storm windows may make you feel safer but if you live in a normally calm climate, they may be an unnecessary investment. Again, consult with an expert to find the right windows for you.


Is it Really Energy-efficient? – Do your homework. Just because a seller says a window is energy-efficient doesn’t mean it is. Always look for an energy-efficient seal and ask for references from family, friends and the business itself.


Be a Smart Shopper – Don’t be afraid to comparison shop for the best window replacement rate.


Extra Panes, Extra Savings – Triple-paned windows save energy and thus save on heating and cooling bills.


Better Safe Than Sliced – If they shatter, tempered glass windows break into small pieces, not sharp chards. Consider going the tempered route especially if you have young children or pets.


Don’t Estimate Measurements – A well-fitted window is a safer, more effective window. Be precise when determining length, width, and thickness.


Flashing is a Good Thing – Without proper flashing, it’s only a matter of time before a window is destroyed. Again, be precise. Install your drip cap and make sure the siding perfectly fits.


Check Your Shims – Make sure your shims aren’t a sham. Carefully inspect your shims and, if necessary, measure with a 2-foot level.


Invest in Your Trim – Don’t trim your trim spend. Wisely investing in trim and the materials to secure it will prevent present and future damage.

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