10 Tricks Burglars Use to Break In

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Everyone knows that intruders look for the absence of an alarm system when breaking in, but what other things do they check for? Convicted burglars share the tricks they use when deciding whether to break into a home and the strategies they employ to carry it off.


1) Burglars will leave an innocuous restaurant flier in your front door to see how long it takes you to remove it.


2) Your beautiful landscaping tells burglars that you have good taste—which also tells them that you have nice things inside.


3) When burglars see the toys your kids leave in the yard, they’ll know to nab the video games inside.


4) That lovely decorative glass in your front door lets intruders see if your alarm control pad is set.


5) Criminals will knock first and ask for directions if you answer. If you don’t, they’ll break in.


6) Surprised that the person who robbed you looks familiar? He was just in your home to deliver your washing machine, mow your lawn, or clean your carpets. When you let him use your bathroom, he took the opportunity to unlock the window so breaking in later was easier.


7) It does take too much time to fumble with a safe—but that means an intruder take it with him if it’s not bolted down.


8) A burglar will check the dresser drawers, the bedside table, and the medicine cabinet, but probably won’t bother with the kids’ room.


9) The pristine, untouched snowdrifts in front of your house let criminals know that you’re out of town.


10) Intruders know and will take advantage of the fact that locking the door is easy to forget when it’s raining and you’re grappling with your umbrella.

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