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The 10 Most Common Paint Problems

Dec 27, 2012 No Comments by

There are some paint issues that are too common to be altogether avoided. Here are ten common painting problems that can chip away at your home improvement dreams:   Peeling – Peeling can be caused either by moisture or poor adhesion. It can be repaired with caulking, priming, and repainting with top quality acrylic paint. […]

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Home Security Secrets from a Former Thief

Dec 18, 2012 No Comments by

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘It takes a thief’. When it comes to securing your property from home invasion, that expression should be more like a reference guide. Thieves are always keeping up with the latest home security technology and coming up with ways to outsmart it. That’s why thinking like a thief when safeguarding […]

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Types of Home Security Systems

Dec 07, 2012 No Comments by

Since owning a home is such a large-scale investment, safeguarding has become a large-scale business. The home security industry is booming. It is highly competitive, which is great for consumers looking for the perfect system for their property. But sometimes the more choices a homeowner has, the more confusing a prospective home security purchase can […]

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Top Ten Roof Problems

Dec 03, 2012 No Comments by

Roof problems are pretty much inevitable, but some issues are more common than others. Here are ten of the most frequently experienced roof problems:   Leaks – Roof leaks can be caused by weather conditions and normal wear and tear. Repairs to your roof seams can often remedy the issue.   Roof blow-offs – Heavy […]

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