An Open and Shut Case for Shutters

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When the wind howls outside your windows, is there anything you can do short of worrying that you’re whole house is going to be swept to the Land of Oz?

Window shutters may be the answer.

Operable varieties of shutters placed on the outside of your home’s windows can protect against such things as extreme heat and cold and flying debris, not to mention introducing extra security, light control and character to your home.

Like window frames, shutters come in a variety of materials including wood, vinyl, composite and aluminum, and like frames, each has its own advantages and disadvantages based on such things as cost, durability and aesthetic appeal. There are also different styles of shutters from which to choose. Here is a run down on your options:

  • Board-and-batten shutters: This style is highly durable and provides maximum protection from the weather, but blocks all light and does not allow for ventilation. They are manufactured with wide vertical boards connected to horizontal slats called battens.
  • Bahama window shutters: This style of shutter is popular in the southern U.S. because it provides protection against tropical storms that have extremely high winds. They are hinged at the top, allowing for good ventilation, and are manufactured with two sets of horizontal slats divided by vertical panes.
  • Accordion window shutters: This style is generally also used to protect homes from storms, but unlike Bahama shutters, they are not divided down the middle—they stretch from one side of the window to the other. When you’re not using them, they can be folded up like an accordion and made nearly invisible.
  • Louvered window shutters: Generally made of wood, this shutter style is considered to be the most character-enhancing as well as the most versatile of all operable exterior varieties. They can be manufactured with either movable slats or fixed slats. Movable slates rotate so you can control light, visibility and ventilation.

Once you have purchased your outdoor shutters and are protected from Mother Nature, you can turn your attention to indoor shutters, which are most often used to make a fashion statement, as well as provide some functional benefits. That’s your next window of opportunity in home design.

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