Can You Repair Your Roof in the Winter?

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Most people avoid scheduling any roofing work during the winter—often due to concerns that the weather is too unpleasant for roofers and will cause installation problems. However, you can complete certain repairs during the winter, as long as you take the proper precautions.

It’s important to distinguish whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced; many repairs can still be done in the cold, but you should consider waiting for warmer conditions to complete a replacement. As for repairs, try to fix the trouble spots before bad weather makes the problem worse and more expensive to fix.  Roofing material manufacturers give specific requirements that their products need in order to set properly, so check the weather forecast to check that your roofer has scheduled your repair at an appropriate time. For example, most shingles should be installed in temperatures above 26 degrees Fahrenheit and in dry conditions.

As for concerns about asking roofers to work in the cold, don’t let that stop you from requesting an estimate. Many roofing companies are glad to have work during their slow season; in fact, they may be able to complete your project faster than usual and even offer you a discount!

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