Cat Got Your Painter?

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The last time you hired a painter to do work in your home, he was so overcome by an allergic reaction to your cats that he rushed through the job just so he could get out of your house sooner. Alas, his haste showed in the finished product.

Oops. You forgot to inquire about his feline resistance before you gave him the project.

Of course, you can’t think of everything you need to ask before giving a professional painter an assignment at your house, but it’s not a good idea to hire without an inkling of what you’re getting into either.

Homeowners have the right to ask as many questions as they want, and any professional painter worth his angle brush will not be put off by this. If you’re initially not sure of yourself enough to pose the right questions, you can always brush up on the subject of house painting online, where you can also compare estimates with ease. Having done this, you can convey to prospective contractors that you are not a total neophyte when it comes to the basic elements of their job and they, in turn, will appreciate and respect you for it.

You will also find that plain common sense dictates many questions. (For example, how did you arrive at your estimate and what does it include? How long will the job take? Do you have references I can call?) Other questions stem from natural inquisitiveness. (For instance, do you have a portfolio of projects you’ve done in other homes with close-ups of detail work? What brand of paint are you going to use and is it low odor?) Most of the questions you ask will lead to other questions, until you’ve covered just about everything you forgot to ask the last time you hired a painter (including whether or not this one is allergic to pets and/or partial to gabbing about his life history while working).

Above all, homeowners should take control of the process from beginning to end and should never, ever feel like they are getting painted into a corner.



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