Common Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

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Are you making the following home security mistakes?

– You leave boxes for appliances and electronics on the curb.

Burglars know if you have new gadgets in your home based on the boxes you leave for garbage pickup.  Even if a box didn’t contain something that thieves want to steal—such as a new washing machine—a high-end appliance will signal that you have other expensive belongings in your home. Instead of advertising what you just purchased, ask the delivery guy to take the box (and the packaging) with him when he leaves.

– You haven’t fixed your doorbell.

Burglars often pose as solicitors and ring doorbells to determine if a house is empty. You don’t want to discover a crook in your home because you didn’t hear him ringing your doorbell.

– You count on daylight to protect your home.

Homeowners frequently don’t set their alarm system during the day because they mistakenly assume that burglars prefer the cover of darkness to commit their crime. However, burglaries commonly occur during the day, since houses are more likely to be empty then: nowadays both parents often have jobs outside the home, and children are at school. For this reason, you should always set your security system day and night.

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