What is the best way to maintain and clean windows?

To maintain windows, it’s important to inspect them at regular intervals. Windows with aluminum or vinyl frames require an entirely different type of maintenance than those with wood frames. Overall, some of the things to be on the look-out for include: deteriorating rubber seals that hold panes together, cracks in panes, lack of proper sealing and weather-stripping around window edges, and cracks where casing meets the wall. If there is too much damage, you may want to consider repair by a professional or replacement windows.

Window cleaning is not to be taken lightly. With the wrong mixture of chemicals and the spray-on, wipe-off technique, you could cause heavy streaking, not to mention permanently damaging your windows. Experts say that the easiest and most natural way to clean windows is with a simple vinegar solution that you wipe off with a cleaning cloth made of microfiber. If some windows are hard to get to, you can also hire a contractor or professional window cleaning company to do the job.