What types of windows are there?

There are seven basic types of windows: awning, casement, double-hung, picture, bay, hopper and jalousie. Each window type has pros and cons based on a number of criteria including the homeowner’s need for ventilation, light, privacy, ease of cleaning and visual attractiveness. For instance, awning windows are designed to provide sunlight and light breezes and are perfect for bedrooms and other spaces in which privacy is required. However, with this type of window style, screens are set on the inside, which means that dirt and dust can make its way onto your floors, instead of getting caught in the sashes. As a comparison, casement windows are generally tightly sealed for maximum energy efficiency and are great for hard-to-get-to places like behind sinks and kitchen appliances, but they work via cranks that can deteriorate with age. Each different type of window is best for a different part of the home; therefore, homeowners need to do their research carefully before they make a selection.