Feeling Secure about Medical Emergencies

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Of all the attractive extra features that today’s home security systems offer, perhaps the most reassuring are medical alarms and medical monitoring.

In many cases, these systems feature both a button on the main alarm keypad that is connected to either a monitoring station that calls 911, or directly to local emergency responders, as well as a wearable device that is also connected in either of these ways.

When researching security companies, it’s important to be clear about which type of service they provide—direct or via a monitoring station–and whether they do offer a device you can wear that functions as a “help button” for when you have a medical emergency, but are unable to reach the main keypad.

There are a number of other things to find out before making your selection. Among them:

  • The additional cost of integrating medical alerts into the home security system, including the equipment, installation, service and maintenance. Also be clear about any required contracts and other miscellaneous fees. In addition, ask if the home security company offers any written guarantees about equipment replacement or other services.


  • If the medical alert system is connected to a monitoring station, you’ll want to know if there are personnel at this station that are specifically trained to handle medical emergencies and what type of training they must undergo.


  • In terms of the monitoring station, you’ll want to find out if two-way communication is possible in which the homeowner can verbally describe the exact nature of the emergency to personnel there. 24-7 monitoring is often one of the key benefits of having an integrated home security system rather than using a stand-alone medical alert company.


  • If the system features wearable units, you’ll want to make sure that they are waterproof and otherwise durable. Also you need to know how close to the main keypad this device has to be for it to be within reach of the alarm’s monitoring station.


  • It’s important to be aware of what type of battery back-up the system has in the event of a power outage.

These are just some of the factors that should guide you when getting an integrated home security system that features medical alerts—a wise and healthy choice for many consumers.

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