Five Home Security Innovations You Shouldn’t Be Without

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With advances in security system technology coming at a breakneck pace, home crime detection and deterrence is entering a new era. Here are some key features that homeowners who want to protect their family and assets to the max should be sure to investigate:

– Self-monitoring capability. Remember how you had to worry if your home was safe and sound when you were out of the house at work or on vacation? No more. Instead of waiting for your security system to alert a security company, which then has to contact you, you can simply put a security app on your smartphone and monitor your home from wherever you happen to be, alerting the proper authorities in seconds if anything goes awry.

– Sophisticated video surveillance. Gone on are the days of multi-camera systems with complicated installations and unattractive wiring. Single camera systems are now the norm for commercial structures and are just now becoming popular for home use as well. These units have the capability of affording you multiple images with just one compact, wirelessly operated digital camera.

– Ramped up crime prevention. What if that burglar could be stopped in his tracks as he approaches your home’s back steps?  Yes, in such instances, advanced motion detection technology can now alert your security system, which can then instantaneously set lights outside the house flashing and a loud voice barking out orders to stay away. Kind of spooky for criminals really.

– Optical sensors. Except for the introduction of wireless systems, the devices that detect intruders in the home have not changed much technologically over the years; most swing into action when a magnetic current is interrupted. However, advances in optical technology have now made sensors even more reliable and precise, providing homeowners who have them with an added degree of comfort.

– Enhanced customization. New advancements in home security come with the promise that systems will be better-adapted to an individual homeowner’s security needs and budget. Where the technology used to operate under the credo that ‘one size fits all,’ that is most certainly no longer the case, and you should be able to find a system that is the perfect fit for your particular situation.

While some of their kinks are still being worked out, systems with these advanced capabilities are safe bets for a more secure home and with it, greater peace of mind.

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