Five Pointers on Packing for a Successful Move

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Packing is one of the most arduous parts of moving and can wear you to a frazzle if you don’t plan properly. Here are some tips that should make the task a little less of a chore.

Start Early. If you leave things to the last minute, chances you’re sure to become overwhelmed. Packing, like getting places for Thanksgiving, always takes more time than you thought it would, so the earlier you get started, the better off you are (unless, of course, you’re a pressure addict).

Travel Light. That rowing machine uncle Jim gave you fifteen years ago may have sentimental value, but if you haven’t used it in years, chances are you’re not going use it in your new home. So it’s best to leave it behind. Packing for a move is the perfect time to divest yourself of your inner pack rat, and weed out all the possessions you really don’t need to take along—no matter how much they tug at your heartstrings.

Finish what you start. It’s best to pack one room at a time and be completely done with that room before moving on to the next room. This ensures that your focus is centered and that when you unpack, you’ll have everything you need for each room in one general area. The ability to multi-task may look good on a resume, but when it comes to packing, the ability to concentrate on one task to the exclusion of the others works best.

Label Everything. You may think you’ll remember exactly where you put your cat’s litter box, but after many miles and hours stuffed with other details, you probably won’t. If you fail to label, once you get to your destination, you’re likely to be as lost as a child alone at an airport.

Make an Inventory. Write a list of every belonging/box that is loaded onto the moving van and have a family member or friend familiar with the items check off the boxes as they are being unloaded at your destination. Otherwise, it may be two weeks later before you realize that your Nintendo Wii never made it with you.

If you plan carefully, you will actually find that packing can be a fun and orderly adventure. So what are you waiting for– get moving!

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