Five Projects That Protect the Value of Your Home

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Protecting your financial investment in your home with strategic renovation projects is a wise choice should you eventually want to sell it, and best of all, the upgrades don’t have to cost a lot.  Here are five ways to “future-proof” your home, according to the experts at

  1. Amp up the insulation. There are many different kinds of insulation available today. These range from “green” products made from things like soy, recycled newsprint and denim to relatively inexpensive fiberglass to the pricier spray-in expanding foam insulation. Which material you choose depends on your budget, but experts generally recommend that you select a material with the highest R-value (thermal resistance) — you can afford. Usually, the higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation. When better insulating the house, experts advise paying the greatest amount of attention to exterior walls, basements and attics.
  1. Opt for formaldehyde-free kitchen cabinets. Generally used as an adhesive in      wood cabinet making, formaldehyde has been classified as a human carcinogen by the World Health Organization, and the National Cancer Institute has urged consumers to steer clear. Although some in the industry dispute this classification, many companies that manufacture wood-products are reconfiguring their product lines to include formaldehyde-free offerings. Leading the way in these efforts are manufacturers who specialize in “green” technology.
  1. Think about a tank-less water heater or solar heating system.  Otherwise known as on-demand heaters, these tank-less systems only go into action when you turn on the hot water tap in your home. As a result, this appliance cuts down on the continuous energy consumption that is the hallmark of standard hot water heating appliances. Another option is letting the sun heat your water all together, a choice that comes with generous federal tax credits, as well as state incentives.
  1. Build a media room that’s primed for the future. With technological innovation moving at warp speed, the set-up and equipment you have today might be outmoded a month from now. Your media room will likely have to support a centrally located distribution system that allows for Internet access, movies, games and music in the rest of the home, so you’ve got to make sure you have the proper wiring to support this advance.
  1. Use paint and finishes that are either low or no-VOC. You know that new paint smell? Well, it’s a bad thing for your kidney, liver and memory, not to mention the fact that it adds to air pollution. Low or no-VOC paint and finishes are completely odorless and much healthier all around. Many new home-buyers are asking sellers what types of coatings they have used on their walls, so it’s best to be covered with the right answer.

These are just five ways to make sure your home is ready for the buyers of the future and give you an up-to-date place to live in the present.

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