Home Security Myth-Busting: Part 1

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There are a lot of myths surrounding the best ways to protect your home and family, and believing the misinformation can have a high price when your safety is at stake. Here we present common home security recommendations and explain whether they are true or false.


1.) You should hide small valuables (jewelry, cash, etc.) in places where a burglar wouldn’t think to look, such as your freezer or sock drawer.


False. By now, most burglars know of the hiding places that people have claimed were unusual in the past. Many home security experts counsel people to focus on preventing intruders from entering their home in the first place—rather than waste time thinking of good hiding places. Another, more effective alternative to hiding your valuables is investing in a safe that’s bolted to the floor.


2.) Both small and large dogs will scare away a burglar.


True. When it comes to preventing thefts, a dog’s bark is just as important as its bite. A small, yet yappy dog can be just as much of a deterrent to burglars who are worried about neighbors hearing Fluffy’s incessant barking.


3.) Most intruders enter through windows.


False. Intruders gain access to your home primarily through unlocked doors, so remember to lock every one. Garage doors and back doors are often left unsecured and are therefore frequently targeted. Even if someone attempts to force open a locked door, a home security system will ensure that the police are alerted.

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