How the Savvy Homeowner Can Prevent Break-Ins

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Although installing a home security system and advertising that fact goes a long way toward keeping your dwelling safe, there are certain additional things that homeowners can do to protect against theft. Here are some suggestions made by security experts on how to make your home less appealing to the burglars who may be casing your neighborhood.

– Keep your home well-lit on the outside. Install motion detectors that trigger lights in your front and backyards. Keep the sides of the home well-illuminated with fluorescent lights.

– Consider placing small shrubs in front of your windows; these should be tall enough to deter thieves from entering, but not big enough to serve as a hiding place. Rose bushes and other thorny shrubs are best.

– Don’t advertise that you have expensive items in the home by leaving discarded product boxes outside. Favorite items for burglars are flat screen TVs, computers, and other types of electronics. Wait until garbage day to put out the boxes that these products came in.

– If you’re away, make sure someone is picking up your mail. Letters piled up in a mailbox are a golden invitation to burglars.

– Don’t put your name on your mailbox. A thief can easily Google you, come up with your phone number and call to see if you’re home. Sad, but true, with privacy so compromised in these technologically sophisticated times.

– Close the blinds when you are not home, so no one can peer through your windows, and don’t leave any obvious clues that you are away. Better yet, have lamps or radios go on via a timer when you know you are going to away from home for awhile.

Of course, sometimes all of your efforts to protect your home won’t be enough to defend against the most determined professional thief. That’s why having a home security system is essential, particularly if you live in an upscale community.

Statistics show that about 70% of burglars get into homes through some type of forced entry and the rest through unlocked windows and doors—the very things that security systems protect against.

All the homeowner has to do is purchase a good security system and remember to turn it on.

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