How to Avoid a Window Installation Nightmare

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You may have heard the horror stories—botched measurements, damaged mouldings, caulking inadvertently tracked throughout the house, even shattered glass on the lawn, followed by leaks and drafts once the new purchases are actually in place. Indeed, when it comes to a happy window replacement experience, the quality of the installation is key.

But how do you know if you’ve found a window installation contractor that you can trust?

The first thing to check into is a contractor’s credentials. Is he licensed and insured? Does he have a certification from the window manufacturers whose products he installs? Is he a member of trade associations like The American Window and Door Institute that also give certifications to those who do their jobs right and conduct themselves professionally?

Secondly, do some online research to determine how the windows you have purchased are supposed to be installed. Then ask the prospective contractor how closely he follows those guidelines. Ask him to be as specific as possible, and know that if he is interested in going rogue, certain manufacturers’ warranties become void if their products are not installed as specified.

A professional who does quality window installation work will be able to tell you how long your job should take. He should also be able to answer specific questions about the installation process—for instance, is each new window installed right after the old one is removed (good), or are you going to find a home that has more open holes than a piece of Swiss cheese (bad), and consequently needs the exposed openings boarded up?

When you are satisfied with all of the information a window installer has provided you up to this point, you can go even further by checking them on specifics like when and how they paint trim and apply caulking (hopefully, it’s after the new windows are found to be operational), and any other installation details that you want to know.

Above all, be aware that a contractor who does quality work may take more time to do the installation than one who does not, but in the end you’ll be much happier with the result. And that is the view worth having.

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