Introducing a Complete New Home Assembly Kit

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We’ve all heard of assembling model airplanes and sweaters at home, but now comes a home assembly project that is quite literally a home assembly project.


For under $50,000 you can now purchase online an architect-designed prefabricated house kit that you can use to construct a brand new dwelling for a total cost of less than $300,000, according to a newspaper account of one Upstate New York couple that recently took the plunge.


The kit only includes posts and beams, a plywood roof and siding, so at first the couple hired a contractor to put together the structure they wanted. But when that got to be too expensive, they began to lean on their own considerable electrical, welding and carpentry skills, as well as those of their friends and family, to help complete the structure.


While their combined efforts resulted in the home’s insulation, low voltage wiring, interior painting and its outdoor landing, as well as railings alongside a front stairwell and a bamboo kitchen floor, the couple also had outsiders bid on such items as commercial glass windows and roofing and obtained the best prices they could get through the process.


The couple also furnished their minimalist glass and galvanized steel abode with furniture and accessories found either at flea markets or thrift shops or borrowed from friends. And the artwork that adorns the walls is self-made.


Of course, the couple had to forgo such things as flooring (other than in the kitchen), landscaping and even a shower, but the end result was a feeling of accomplishment and a certificate of occupancy they reported being proud of.


Granted, many people may not have the construction skills necessary to take maximum advantage of this home assembly kit, but there are always contractors and home improvement professionals who would be willing to place competitive bids on any aspect of such a job. And the more bids you get, the greater the chances you’ll be able to bargain for the best deal possible.


And you don’t even need model airplane glue.


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