Is Your Home Pet-Friendly?

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Households need extra accommodations for the furry members of the family, but some modifications aren’t so obvious. Here are Home Service World’s top tips for pet-friendly homes:


1) Chose the right fabrics-


Select fabrics that will be easy to clean and stand up to the wear and tear that having a pet inevitably brings. Synthetics are durable and easy-to-maintain options, as are tightly woven fabrics such as twills and poplins. Materials like leather that age well are practical as well as stylish choices too. Remember that dark colors and patterns hide pet hair well.


2) Make sure your view is a safe one-


Pets enjoy looking outside, but windows can pose a risk to their safety. Veterinarians have even coined the term “high rise syndrome” for the unfortunate felines who fall out of windows. To keep your pet safe, make sure that windows are closed enough to prevent any accidents and purchase sturdy pet-proof window screens. Additionally, make sure that your windows’ long cords and drapes don’t pose a strangulation hazard. Old windows that are cracked or splintering could be dangerous too, and you may want to repair or replace them.


3) Find the right flooring-


Hard surfaces are easier to clean and more durable than carpeting, which harbors hair, dirt, and bacteria. Therefore, select wood, tile, or laminate for your floors, but give your pet a comfy rug to curl up on. Laminate flooring is the most resistant to dings, but it can be too slippery for older dogs. If you decide on wood, chose a hard type and add a water-based finish to ward off scratches.

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