Professional Movers versus the DIY Approach

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If you’re moving to a one-bedroom apartment across town, it may seem more attractive to get a few buddies to help you relocate, rather than paying for a professional moving company to do the job for you. However, there are several benefits to using professionals even for short distance moves. For instance, should you take the DIY approach, you and your friends will be required to do all the heavy lifting and loading and unloading of things like furniture and appliances from whatever vehicle you are using.

With inexperienced movers, this can result in physical injuries, as well as damage to possessions and with it, hard feelings all around. Further, if you rent a van, trailer or truck to facilitate the move, any friend or family member you ask to drive the vehicle will most likely be inexperienced, which can lead to higher stress levels and even, in the worst cases, accidents.

After considering the above factors, if you are still averse to hiring a professional you can take a hybrid approach where you pack and load the moving truck and a professional mover does the driving. This cuts down on cost and the potential for accidents, not to mention stress. Of course, if you are moving any distance, or are packing up a big house, then a professional mover makes the most sense. By shopping online and comparing professional services, you can get the best rates and guarantee that your move will be hassle and stress-free.

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