Spring Maintenance Tips

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Make time for maintenance in your spring-cleaning routine with these easy steps. Staying on top of small maintenance projects may prevent bigger, expensive problems from developing.


Check that gutters and downspouts are still bonded to the house. You should tighten any loose gutter straps and reconnect any spout extensions that have come loose. Clear gutters and downspouts so water from spring showers can flow freely. You may want to use gutter screens or cap systems to cover them for easier maintenance in the future.


Take a good look at the entire surface of your roof. Keep an eye out for missing singles, large swaths of discoloration that could indicate an algae problem, or sunken areas that may mean the plywood below is rotting. All of these may require roof repair or a replacement if the problems are extensive.


Sweep away all the debris on your roof, but be gentle to avoid damaging the shingles—particularly asphalt ones, which are more easily damaged. Fasten any loose shingles with roofing cement. Check to make sure none of them are warped or curling, which could signal that it’s time for a new roof.


This upkeep on your roof and in your gutters should help prevent roof damage and drainage issues around the foundation.


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