Start Preventing Security System False Alarms

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There’s nothing more nerve-fraying for a homeowner than having their home security system go off, only to find out that it’s a false alarm. It’s estimated that nationwide 10 to 25 percent of all calls to the police are the result of false alarms. But there are some things you can do to protect against such occurrences:


First, make sure you understand how to arm and disarm your alarm system and how to cancel a false alarm should one go off. Secondly, make certain that all doors and windows with alarm contact points are properly maintained and securely closed before you leave your home. In addition, make sure that your alarm system itself is properly maintained and is inspected on a yearly basis by a qualified home security system technician.


Beyond that, according to experts, heading off false alarms is often a question of having a quality monitoring system. The best systems are UL Listed. This means that Underwriters Laboratories, the home security industry’s chief watchdog, has determined that these monitoring systems have met top standards on equipment and operations.


The monitoring system should also have comprehensive back-up operations in the event of a massive power outage, including duplicate computer systems, a power generator and alternate routing into the national telecommunications grid.


Another thing to consider is the location of the monitoring system. Many people believe that they must go with a home security company that provides a local monitoring station. However, with the speed of modern telecommunications, this is no longer necessary. Today, an out-of-town station can connect to local emergency responders just as rapidly as a local station can.


Lastly, many homeowners also feel that they need their security company to provide in-house monitoring as opposed to contracting that service out to a third party. Actually, there is no inherent advantage to either type of service. The truth is you can receive fantastic or abysmal monitoring from either in-house or third-party delivery.


Keeping these simple pointers in mind should help you avoid the kind of false alarms that prove maddening not only to you as a homeowner, but to your home security company, local law enforcement officers and emergency responders as well.

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