Go Green and Get Green From Uncle Sam With Home Improvements

May 04, 2012 No Comments by

As the tax deadline looms, there has never been a better time to research how your 2011 energy efficient home improvement projects could save you money. The tax benefits for small home improvement projects can pay big dividends. Whether you installed energy efficient windows, purchased modern HVAC units or renovated your roofing, home owners can […]

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How Better Windows Save Businesses Money

Feb 20, 2012 No Comments by

Energy efficiency isn’t only valuable for the little guys. The installation of energy efficient windows in office, community or educational spaces can have a dramatic impact on heating and air-conditioning bills, particularly when window designs that maximize natural light are combined with cost-saving lighting options like control dimmers, automated shading and light redirection. The windows […]

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Get that Federal Tax Credit on Replacement Windows Before it’s Too Late

Sep 09, 2011 No Comments by

With the Federal Tax Credit for energy efficient replacement windows set to expire at the end of 2011, there is never a better time than now to install government-approved Energy Star windows. When shopping for them, just be aware that even among windows that are Energy Star-rated, there are differences in performance. The people who […]

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