The 10 Most Common Paint Problems

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There are some paint issues that are too common to be altogether avoided. Here are ten common painting problems that can chip away at your home improvement dreams:


Peeling – Peeling can be caused either by moisture or poor adhesion. It can be repaired with caulking, priming, and repainting with top quality acrylic paint.

Alligatoring – This may be caused when applying a very hard coat over a more pliable coat. This can be solved by scraping away the current paint, sanding the surface and then priming it.

Blistering – Humidity is a major enemy of paint. Humid conditions can cause blistering. The common work-around is scraping and sanding.

Chalking – This normally occurs during weathering. Brush away the chalking, rinse the surface, and repaint.

Flaking – Dry paint can crack causing paint chip flakes to form. Lightly brush away the flakes and repaint.

Dirt – Depending on paint quality, dirt particles can form along the paint film. Thoroughly washing a surface before painting it will go a long way toward preventing this issue.

Mottling – This is caused by a lack of surface preparation after a prior mottling. Mottling can be removed by a brush and a thorough rinse.

Fading – This can occur naturally over time or after the use of low quality paint. Ultimately, you will need to repaint. Be sure to invest in quality paint.

Frosting – Frosting looks a lot like chalking and mottling. Removing the white residue frosting by wirebrushing or sanding is the best course of action. Once removed, thoroughly rinse the surface. adding a coat of high quality exterior paint.

Wrinkling – Thick paint application can cause the layer to wrinkle over like skin. Be sure to scrap and skin to remove wrinkled paint and then carefully repaint.

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