The Lowdown on the Materials Up Above

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When most people buy a home, they pray they’ll never have trouble with their roof, but the reality is that most of these structures require either repair or replacement approximately every ten years. Therefore, it’s important to have a good understanding of the types of roofing materials that are available, so you are prepared to make good choices when the time comes. Here’s a brief overview:


Composition shingles: From both a price and appearance standpoint, composition shingles are a good choice. If you’re willing to spring for the extra bucks, you’ll find that asphalt and fiberglass products can be the most durable and environmental friendly types of composition shingles out there. A minus with this style is that shingles can blow off in high winds and don’t offer the dimensional look of wood shake or tile.


Wood shakes: These products are stylish and natural looking, and they also offer some energy benefits because they insulate attics. However, this type of roof is the most difficult to maintain and is not as durable as other roofing materials. In addition, the installation of a wood shake roof is difficult and requires an experienced contractor.


Slate: This option can also give your home a unique, natural look, but it is often pricier than other choices. It has a longer lifespan than some other materials, but the drawback is it can be very heavy, requiring you to spend money on extra structural support.


Clay tile: This choice is usually found on homes of particular architectural styles, like southwestern or Italian, but it can be installed to make any dwelling look more modern as well. Like slate, clay tiles generally have a longer lifespan than other roofing materials, but are heavier, requiring extra structural support. In terms of cost, therefore, clay tile is on the high end.


Concrete tile: This product simulates wood shakes, but is generally more durable and is often made of recycled materials, making it more energy efficient. Once limited in its visual appeal, this type of tile now comes in a broader range of styles and colors and the technology behind it is improving all the time, so it is now less likely to be damaged.


Metal roofs:  This kind of roofing material goes in and out of vogue, but you really can’t beat it for durability and energy efficiency, which is why it experiences surges of popularity. However, it is one of the trickier materials to install, so it’s important to have a good contractor perform the job.


It’s important to be aware of these options when selecting roofing or purchasing a new home because the material your roof is made of is something your going to have to live with—and under—for many years.

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