The Perils of Going Without Permits and Licensed Builders

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The DIY philosophy adopted by many current and potential homeowners is admirable and often cost-effective. But there are some instances when DIY can leave your home dreams DOA – dead on arrival. There are certain things homeowners should never do to save money: namely, going about a build or addition without the necessary permits and hiring an unlicensed contractor.


A building or renovation project can cost homeowners hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. It’s understandable why they would look to cut corners to keep more money in their budget. In terms of permits and licenses, securing these can be pricey initially. But not going through the proper permit channels can be even more costly down the line. For instance, if a nosy neighbor smells something fishy with your house and contacts the local authorities, you could be forced to undergo an inspection and face fines that would eclipse the cost of the permit.


Another way homeowners like to save is by hiring cheap labor. This is very risky. Yes, unlicensed contractors usually work for much less than licensed workers, but they lack the education, training, and skill sets needed to meet ever-changing building codes and requirements. Faulty construction will not only pose a safety risk; it will reduce the value of your home and end up costing you more to ensure your home is up to code.


It can be a smart savings move to take on some home projects on your own. But for bigger projects, don’t skimp on permits and labor. You’ll probably pay more for that decision in the end.

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