Top Ten Roof Problems

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Roof problems are pretty much inevitable, but some issues are more common than others. Here are ten of the most frequently experienced roof problems:


Leaks – Roof leaks can be caused by weather conditions and normal wear and tear. Repairs to your roof seams can often remedy the issue.


Roof blow-offs – Heavy winds and faulty shingles can result in blow-offs. It is important to always ensure the integrity of your roof.


A bad contractor – Poor craftsmanship in installing or repairing your roof can drain your pocketbooks and cause foundation problems for years to come.


Lack of upkeep – Home owners shouldn’t wait for a disaster to have maintenance performed on their roof. Being proactive can prevent many issues.


Missing shingles – Related to roof blow-offs, improperly installed shingles can lift off the roof on a windy day.


Loose flashing – If flashing is not properly attached, water will seep in behind it. This can cause extensive water damage.


Ventilation – Feeling overheated in your attic? So are your shingles. This is a result of poor ventilation, which can cause shingles to sizzle and stifle their water-proofing functionality.


Clogged gutters – These can prevent water from being properly diverted, which can damage your roof foundation.


Furnaces – Furnaces and flashings don’t always get along. Any imperfections to furnace flashing can cause buckling or sagging.


Wall conditioning – Walls may not be your first thought when you try to troubleshoot roof issues. Still, walls that link to the roof can pose leak issues. Proper maintenance should solve problems before they escalate.


Walls – Every spot where a wall rises out of the roof is a potential leak site. Walls have to be flashed properly and checked annually to ensure that the flashing is still in top condition.

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