Types of Home Security Systems

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Since owning a home is such a large-scale investment, safeguarding has become a large-scale business. The home security industry is booming. It is highly competitive, which is great for consumers looking for the perfect system for their property. But sometimes the more choices a homeowner has, the more confusing a prospective home security purchase can be. The key to finding the right home security system is having a strong understanding of your needs.


24-hour monitored home security systems are among the most popular in the industry. A third-party system offers instant alerts to the security company in the event of a break-in or unknown motion within the property. A home security professional will contact the property owner to ensure against a false alarm. If the owner cannot be reached, the police will be notified. Homeowners are billed monthly for this level of protection.


Unmonitored home security systems are less expensive.  They usually require inputting a code upon home entry. If the code is not entered within a certain time frame, the alarm will go off. Though they do not provide instant alerts to the authorities, they do act as a deterrent to break-ins especially should the alarm sound.


Lastly, wireless home security systems run on battery-power. They are easy to install and move to different locations in the home. Again, they do not send alerts to the police but they are effective in thwarting intruders from entering the home.


Ultimately, homeowners should do their homework when shopping for the right home security system. The marketplace is full of competition, which should make it simpler for homeowners to find the perfect system at the perfect price.

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