What’s on Your Home Improvement Horizon

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If you’ve ever thought of gambling on the future of home improvement, it is a sure bet that technology will be at the heart of it.

Here are some changes in the works:

Your home’s den will cease to be known as the place where the worn family sofa, TV and dog is located—instead it will function as a central media hub that feeds Internet, movie, game and music access all over the house. The cable technician that always shows up late with lame excuses will be transformed into a residential electronics design professional, savvy enough to wire you up for the future and teach you how to get the most out of your home tech.

You’ll also be able to control your home’s lighting, security and heating and air conditioning systems all from your tablet or cell phone while you are away on that vacation or business trip.

Your appliances will be smarter. They’ll operate with greater efficiency and be capable of relaying problems to you through a central database when you’re away from home (or at home and just oblivious). They’ll also be interconnected–meaning your dishwasher will be able to have a dialogue with your clothes dryer about the best way to service your cleaning needs.

Further, if you’re a Baby Boomer who is concerned about your health as you age, you’ll be able to instantly get in touch with and share medical information with doctors and hospitals a few or a few hundred miles away. This opens up opportunities for long distance treatment that were unimaginable a decade ago.

Advancements like these are already quietly becoming reality. For instance, General Electric now offers an Energy Monitoring Dashboard that keeps track of home indoor energy, water consumption and emissions. This tool can be integrated with solar technology and your thermostat, and can also pipe music into every room in your home. (But no, it cannot play fetch.)

Another technology company, Accent, now offers a home automation system that allows you to walk through your front door, say, “hello,” and watch your lights turn on slowly, your thermostat set itself to a temperature you’ve pre-selected, the blinds or shades close, the television come on and your pool filter turn off. (But no, it cannot tuck you in at night.)

These are just a few of the home improvement options that will be opening up as the Information Age progresses, and sophisticated technology literally holds the keys to the homeowner’s castle.

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